Jody LaVoie Resilience Keynote Speaker

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Jody LaVoie


Jody LaVoie Resilience Keynote Speaker
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Jody LaVoie is a respected inspirational speaker. She speaks on the topic of resilience and overcoming life challenges, especially after the death of a spouse. 


She blends her personal experience living life after the death of her husband with her background as a mother of three and an executive running a $50M supply chain technology business. Her interactive, multi-media stage performance takes her audience on an uplifting journey where she helps her audience turn lemons into lemonade and harness their inner power to move forward in their lives and careers even during difficult times.


She is inspiring and multifaceted. Female audiences especially resonate with Jody's messages of resilience and communicating with power. Those that have the opportunity to listen to Jody are always engaged, entertained, and leave feeling a sense of hope. 


After my husband was shot at our place of business by an employee that he demoted, I had to mobilize instantly from being a stay-at-home mom to running a multi-million dollar business, solo parenting three daughters and juggling new legal, financial, and many other household related issues. 


The profound affect of these experiences set me on a trajectory to help other women uncover their purpose with a clear path forward living the lives that they love.